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that players just love.


Square Triangle is a team of 13 passionate gamers/game developers specializing in making free-to-play PvP sports games. 9 big titles are under our belt, and a new one has just been released! Both strategy and tactics, juicy gameplay, engaging activities - we strive to make it fun so our players enjoy spending time on their new fav game here and there.

Meet Our Team

Our team has been built of professionals, friends and nice people only. Having done a number projects together, we got to work super smoothly and efficiently.



Natalia is our coding guru who’s providing the team with a technical guidance, mentorship and expertise. There are no impossible tasks for her, some just take time.



Evgeny is the life and soul of the company, a tireless optimist and the driving force of the project. He manages to combine producer’s headaches with the game design tasks perfectly well.



Maria is all about arts and visual beauty which inexplicably combines with her ability to work to a brief and meet deadlines. She doesn't like to 'play with fonts' though.